Serving in the Rancho Cucamonga, California Mission

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Photos from the MTC

Isaac sent me some photos from the MTC, I added the commentary.

Isaac with his MTC companion Elder Mann
blurry selfie of my boy

Isaac engaged  in some light reading

his room at the MTC.  There are three sets of missionaries sharing this room.

a view of his desk during class time

his classroom

his desk in his room

one of the MTC cafeterias

Learn more about the MTC at this link
Here's an interesting article about the MTC link

Some facts about the MTC from 2007, the numbers are much larger now!

Provo MTC by the Numbers
2,443—Missionaries in the Provo MTC the day the New Era visited. The number ranges from 1,700 to 2,700.
4,300—The most missionaries the Provo MTC has had at one time.
3, 8, or 12—Weeks a missionary will spend in the MTC, depending on the language he or she is learning.
324—New missionaries who reported to the MTC the day we visited. Between 200 and 500 arrive each Wednesday.
300—Average number of missionaries who participate in the MTC choir.
50—Languages taught at the Provo MTC, including Icelandic and Malagasy.
26—Languages MTC meetings are translated into for missionaries learning English as a second language.
2,700—Service people, including employees, service missionaries, and volunteers, who keep the MTC running.
15—The smallest number of missionaries in a branch. The most is 75.


  1. I like that you have links and fun facts! So interesting! I love reading all of the emails from II. It is so wonderful to see his pictures too. I hope you'll let him know I'm keeping up with the blog and am excited to watch him grow in his faith and become the amazing man we all know he will be!!

    1. I sent him your comment in an email. You can also send him letters and email him. His email address is