Serving in the Rancho Cucamonga, California Mission

Monday, November 28, 2016


hey mom,
this week was cool. we got fed a lot on thursday! 2 dinners.

monday: nothing of consequence

tuesday: we went to didstrict meeting and then down the hill to rancho for a doctors appointment

wednesday: we met with tammy, she was super cool. she has commited to come to shuirch next sunday so we are excited to see her there. :)

Thursday: thanksgiving 2 dinners. 

friday: today we saw sister loya she is a so cool. 98 and still kickin!

Saturday: we helped the berrys put up there tree. that was a lot of fun.

Sunday: we went to church and than had dinner than we visited the duncand to help them do missionary work. so much fun.

love you

elder dickson

Monday, November 21, 2016


hey mom,
congrats on being married for like EVER!

this week we had nothing special... it was kinda a boring week! but on the upside this saturday we where doing service for the library. and when we where done they said that we could have any books we wanted from the book drive. so i grabbed a few books that i wanted and then a few books that a less active member said that i needed to read. so that will be a fun one to send home :) other than that we don't have much else this week.

for thanksgiving we are eating with bishop Lacey.

Monday, November 14, 2016


monday: ended our day with service

Tuesday; had district meeting. than we spent the whole afternoon doing service

Wednesday: we spent the morning at squash for friends, than the afternoon until 5 laying path. than we ended the day by visiting members

Thursday: did more service. we finished up the path we where laying. than we visited a lot of members

Friday: we did more service. we stacked firewood for 2 hours. than we planned for the rest of the week. 

saturday: went on exchange to the granite hills ward with elder wigington. that was a lot of fun. 

Sunday: we went to church and than home to change. taught a less active sister. and than on the way to dinner we saw a stalled car on the side of the highway. so we got out and pushed him a quarter mile to the nearest exit.

love you all tons! 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

11/7 email

hey mom,
sounds like luke gets into as much trouble as i do! hope he turns out to be the new and improved version. hope everything at home is going well.

monday: we stayed in all night for Halloween! we just played board games.

Tuesday: we had district meeting. this time i remembered my suit coat. than we went and picked up our temporary companion. elder van engelenhoven his companion got transferred a week early so that he could receive additional training. when he was finally done packing we went to dinner and than visited a few members and went home to unpack elder van.

Wednesday: my companion was having a really hard day, so he asked me to drive. than we got a phone call from our vehicle coordinator. he had gotten 2 speeding violations and an aggressive driving the day before. that is the time that i was assigned to be the designated driver. so now i am driving. we also helped brother white to put in new flooring in his home today. that was a lot of fun. than we read the book of mormon with him.

Thursday: we went back and taught ralph again he is super close to finishing the book of mormon.

Friday: we planned today and than worked in elder vans area.

Saturday: we met with ralph again and read the book of mormon. now he only has one chapter left. he committed to read it on his own.

Sinday: ralph cam to church today! we where there from 7-4! that was rough! such a tiring day... we met with ralph tonight for the last time. we finished the book of mormon with him. he wants to know if the book of mormon is true. so we knelt in prayer with him and he prayed that he would know that it is true. such a cool experience. i love being a missionary!

10/31 email

this week
Tuesday: we had district meeting, i gave a training on extending commitments and promising blessings. but i forgot to wear my suit coat, and i didnt shave! so i was a real mess. than we went of to pep boys to get a low tire fixed. we spent 3 hours wandering around goodwill across the street. and that ended up being most of our day. we went to dinner visited a couple of members and than went home
Wednesday: so we went back to pep boys, another flat tire... we spent 4 hours this time... that was rough. after that we went and had dinner and did the same as the night before.
Thursday: we where on exchange, so i was with elder petrie. we did a lot of biking this day. got fed lunch, and then dinner as well. we drove out to the granite hills ward, and than i got elder mclaws back. and that was our night.
Friday: weekly planning today, and than we got back on the bikes. a member saw us biking around after dark and was horrified. so they sternly told us to meet them at there house. we met them there and they proceeded to take us back to our apartment! so after that we walked to walmart and bought some wheel brights they are super useful at night, we look like tron bikes now. i got green and elder mclaws got blue.

Inline image 1
Saturday: we biked all day, that evening we went to see sister giron, and than her next door neighbor tried to bible bash with us for 1.5 hours! i was finally so fed up with how ridiculous this was getting that i just said "by jeff" and left. that finished our night out.
Sunday: we went to church. and than afterwards we biked down to the Johnsons for dinner. they where awesome! they fed us biscuits and gravy. anfterwards we where all so stuffed that we went into the living room and watched a church movie/napped. so that was a lot of fun. afterwards brother johnson gave us a ride back up to our apartmant.

hope this is enough details.
i love you mom

10/24 email

this weeks highlight is that we got to make jam! we went over to the ebmeyers and helped them make pear pineapple raspberry jam! i thought it turned out well, but i guess they didn't like the overall flavor. it was a lot of fun to do! but other than that this week was very slow. but the niggest news this week is that it RAINED! THERE WAS WATER FALLING FROM THE SKY!!!! I FORCED ELDER MCLAWS TO WALK AROUND IN IT WITH ME FOR AN HOUR! WE WHERE WOAKING WET BY THE END OF IT, BUT IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! sounds crazy, but i have missed the rain so badly. my hair got wet and i was a happy goober :) i love you all. please pray that it rains again before 2018! 
With love
Elder Dickson

10/17 email

wow! you always have so much to say than i do! natalie says that it is because i am a guy. everyone that i know always talk about how huge my leg muscles are... i think it is kinda funny. if i was taller it wouldnt be as noticable. but i am pretty short... so it is funny! the exciting thing that happened this week was that we went to big bear! it is the coldest part of the mission. it is basically a resort town in the mountains. so we went and played around on some rock formations, and than went on a hike. everything cost a TON up there. but i had a lot of fun :) i also ripped a huge hole in my pants below the knee. so now i am sporting some shorts ;) other than that it has been a pretty average week.

i emailed millie to say congrats last week on her baby, but i managed to catch her after the loss... she emailed me and told me what had happened, she said that i was the first that she had told. i was sad to hear that it had happened. but she expressed to me that she knew that this was Gods plan for her. i assured her that it was. 

i am happy that isaac is working so hard. he has a pretty big motivation! he told me that he is in debt and that he is trying to work it off. hope everything with luke went well today at the library. 

ummm, im outa stuff to say... sorry. 

10/10 email

hey mom,this week was cool. on staurday we had the oppurtunity to volunteer at an air show. that was a blast! we got to wonder around afterwards it was really cool! i also got a sunburn. so that was cool too. we have been working with members this week as well and it has been really cool to see how exited they are to do missionary work. which is a blessing because we recently stopped teaching the only person that would meet with us. so we are hoping that this will work out well. this week i am excited to  be able to be here in apple valley. i hope you all have  the best week ever!
Inline image 2

Inline image 2

10/3 email

hey mom,
so this week has been interesting, my companion managed to turn his front tire into a taco, but that was fixable. hope that everyone at home enjoyed conference! i know i sure did. everyone remmeber to do your missionary work out there. i love you all dearly. stay classy
with love
Elder Dickson

9/19 email

this week was exiting. we where able to meet with elder dube of the 70. he was a very cool guy! he taught us a lot about how to work with members, and a lot about the way we should act as missionaries! i am so grateful that we where able to have him come and tour our mission. this week was also a good week in terms of weather. it was mild (90) all week so we where able to spend a lot of time outside. we also helped a family move this weekend for 5 1/2 hours! we where the only people at the move! that was a little stressful but it worked out pretty ok. big news this week is that i was able to use my office furniture skills for good! at the move they had a desk that they where trying to figure out and i was able to help them get it taken apart safely, and help them get it into the trailer. other than that it was a regular week. :)

love you all!
Elder Dickson