Serving in the Rancho Cucamonga, California Mission

Monday, January 9, 2017


so this week has been a crazy time!
Monday we did our normal sports. we played gator ball.
tuesday was district meeting. than we  helped rick clean out his backyard. iot is tottally filled with trash and we are helping him clean it out. than we had a super cool lesson with Charlie and Monique.
wednesday on exchange with elder Law. we did squash for friends than we did service for kathy. than we did some finding. we found 3 potentials and got a new investigator a killer day!
thursday we did some more service for Rick. his yard is looking pretty good now. just a little more to do.
friday weekly planning we met with Joseph and taught the restoration. he is super excited and wants to quite smoking.
saturday nothing to crazy happened.
sunday the real day of this week! so joseph came to church. he had received answers to prayers about everything we talked about at church. at the end of church he took out a pack of cigarettes broke them all in half and threw them away. he is so ready to quite smoking! he really wants us to help him out!
all in all a super cool week 

just so you know if you tried to send anything this week the mail was stoled from the mission office this week on Wednesday morning  they broke into the church building, broke into the bishops offices looking for money, and than stole the safe with all the
 pass ports in it. so any foreign missionaries are kinda messed up right now. they also took the huge mail pile. and a few packages.

i actually dont get to bad with being trunky. it being so easy now iwll probably amke it much harder close to the end. but i still have tons of time to work hard. i am loving this area, and loving the ward. 

1 squash is a no for profit farm that a man named jim runs. we do all the work that would normally need done at a farm. everywhwere from planting to maintenance. the farm is a little bigger than if you you went from the stream to highway 9 and from the hill to the swamp. its really all kinds of vegetables.
2 ummm, we area planning to visit all our investigators joseph, miguel, charlie and monique, john, anita, a few others. when it comes to picking a street sometimes we have a feeling of where to go. sometimes we just pick a street and go.

3 Gospel principles right now is mostly just us our ward mates our ward mission leader, sitser lacomb Recent convert and sister self a strong member there to support others. and anyone that we bring with us. :) 

Monday, January 2, 2017


this week was awesome!
monday: we played volley ball. at sushi at ninja sushi
tuesday: had district meeting, it was a super good district meeting. we had a really cool time connecting to each other as a district. as a district leader I really want the whole district to be a big family. the rest of the day was rough. it was bitter cold and we where on bike, and since everyone was out of town we decided to do some door to door work. it was cool that we found a few potentials! than in the evening we went to see Anita, we talked about the Plan of Salvation using some cool diagrams that I got for Christmas.
Wednesday: we went to squash for friends in the morning. than after we went and gave the village sisters a blessing. sister lamb was not feeling well and is still feeling sick. and even got me sick! than we did some finding and ended our night with the Rodriguez family.
Thursday; on exchange with Elder Carson. we where in his area. so we spent a lot of time in the YSA ward. it was super cool, I learned a ton from him.
Friday: we did not weakly plan today because we where going to be doing tomorrow to celebrate new years eve. by this time i was starting to feel a little sick. but we went out and worked anyways cuz im stubborn! we met with Brian and talked about Faith. we had 3 lessons planned today that all fell though... we finished our day with ward coordination
Saturday: i was super sick, so i slept for most of the day.
Sunday: we have 9:00 church now so we went to our first meeting at 7:00. that was tiring! than we went home and studied, did some finding, and had dinner with bishop Hume. he just got called as bishop 3 weeks ago, he is 29 years old! its crazy! we ended our night with family home evening with the lacombs.
1 we are still doing squash for friends, it is a zone service project so as long as i am in the zone we will keep going there. we just help out on a farm for the poor and needy.
2 when i have snacks i will bring them, especially when boma sends me some. we almost always eat lunch at our apartment. top raman for dayz!
3 about 30% of our appointments end up being with less actives. we meet with Lon once a week, and we meet with the rodriguez family once or twice a week, and we meet with sister lacomb who is a recent convert and so fits under the recent convert less active category.