Serving in the Rancho Cucamonga, California Mission

Saturday, March 18, 2017


so this transfer is when i hit my year mark! so crazy.
so on Monday we went out mudding on a trike. guess i really haven’t changed much. we pulled this HUGE trike through the mud and i rode on the trike. it was awesome! than we picked up packages from elder and sister Delatore. than we saw the rodriguez family to finish out our night.
than on tuesday we had District Meeting as usual. than we spent the day finding more or less.
wednesday we did not have squash. instead we went to the worldwide missionary broadcast. 2 big things that happened. our missionary schedule in the morning and evening have been changed. we now plan in the morning, and do 60 minutes of personal study. than during the day we do our companionship study at any time. our lunch has also been shortened to 30 minutes. so no longer is there time for the lunch nap... sad. our key indicators have also been changed. we used to report Baptized, Confirmed, Sacrament meeting attendance of investigators, Investigators with a baptismal date, progressing investigators, lessons taught with a member present, all other lessons taught to investigators, less active members taught, and new investigators. but now we only report. baptized confirmed, investigators with a baptismal date, investigators at sacrament meeting, and new investigators. we saw Anita as well
thursday i was on exchange with Elder McLaws. we had a good day. in the morning we visited some inactive members of the church. than we did a lot of finding. we talked to a really nice guy named lee ray. he said that he is interested in coming to church. so that was really cool. it was fun to be with a past companion on exchange.
Friday we had our weekly planning day we went to Debbies baptism. it was cool. she played the piano at her own baptism. so that was crazy. than we had dinner with Rick he is a nonmember that we have built a healthy relationship with. he fed us spaghetti and told us that he wants to look into joining the church! we are so excited for him. he is best friends with a bishop down in Glendora, he is going to ask him some questions. than we had a coordination meeting with our zone leaders. we also saw anita today
saturday i was on exchange with Elder Nielson. in the morning we visited Miguel. we read the scriptures and he commited to come to church. we did a lot of service for the Lacomb family. we helped them move a lot of furniture around in the home. than we had dinner. after that we exchanged back. we also saw Ralph and Tiffany.
sunday we had church. our investigator anita brought her 3 grand daughters. and Ralph and Tiffany came as well (a part member family) so that was really cool!
monday we went hiking this morning! we started at 7:30 and finished at 1:45. we hiked up the side of a mountain until we got to the snow. and than we decided to keep hiking to the highest peak we could see. to get there we had to cross a river, rock climb for a bit. and make our own trails! the only real sketchy part was on the way down. the snow was frozen and so was the ground. so there was no way to have traction. so we started sliding from bush to bush,  grabbing tree branches as we went. it got sketchy when we ran out of branches all of a sudden and only found loose rocks! but we made it down safe. ;) i seriously doubt a mountain goat could of made it up the way we went down.

Monday, March 13, 2017


hey! so this week has been kinda... strange. this week makes 1 year. every single day from this point on will only be experienced the one time on the mission! no repeats! to crazy!
Monday: so we played broom hockey. it was super fun until all our $ store brooms broke! than it wasn't so fun. but it turned out to be ok.
Tuesday: we had district meeting as usual. it went really well. those that participated prepared really well and i was really happy with it. we also saw Anita. she is on fire! it is so much fun working with her.
Wednesday: we saw miguel, he has commited to a baptismal date on march 11th we are super excited for him. we did Squash for friends. just dug holes for like 2.5 hours... we also saw the Jasper family.
Thursday: on exchange with Elder Nielson. we had a super fun day. it was nostalgic in a strange way. this day marked 1 year for me! so we got sushi. WOHHOO!!
Friday: weekly planning day. we ended up at a lesson in the morning and saved our planning till later. we went to Anita in the evening. after we left it was lightly sprinkling so we biked home super fast. than Anita called us and asked for some more help with her TV. she was freaking out about it! so we biked back in what was now steady rain and fixed her TV than we biked home again to plan. totally soaked!
Saturday: we visited Miguel, markisha and lakisha, Rick, the rodriguez family, and we went to the ward party. it was crazy. it was a pinewood derby and we were the judges! Rick came to the Party too.
Sunday: rick came to church. than we saw some of our people for the rest of the day. we ended the say with our studies that got pumped due to church.
all in all it has been a fun week. kinda strange but fun at the same time!


uh. im not sure what you want to hear... but here goes.
sister lacomb got the ring out from around the neck in my white shirts! 
we had a member of the ward give us like 3 pies.
i might of stained my favorite pants... not sure yet though! 
i got like 5 pairs of new socks.
fixed my bike. 
ate some spetzel. 
my life is not that interesting... sorry i dont have anything for you. i love you mom!

so... a lot has happened this week!
1 this monday our cameras got stolen... so no pictures! some guy broke into the church building that we play sports at. he stole both our cameras... that was really irritating! 
2 He also stole our phone... so we had to get a new phone from the mission office! and get all our contacts from the sister missionaries in the ward! than we had to get all of the other numbers we had lost from different people! it was terrible! and turns out before we could cancel the phone he started calling people and texting people profanity! it was super crazy!
3 i was doing a bunny hop in the middle of the road over a chunk of asphalt and when i landed, my rear derailer  got stuck in my spokes and twisted itself all the way around the tire! this caused the bike to come to a skidding stop! i pulled the derailer out of the spokes and gingerly road home. i was luckily able to fix the bike derailer almost totally, it only skips 1 gear now. and only occasionally.
4 a bird pooped on me sunday...gross!
5 friday packing calls came out. i am now down in Rancho cucomanga in the Terra vista ward. i am serving with elder Welch. he is from Farr West UT. 

Rick was pretty bumped that we where leaving! but he is super awesome, we are going to be staying in contact.
Tiffany was really sad! she gave me a beanie animal. his name is Boo! that was super nice of her :)
Lon was pretty bumbed too! he gave us each Raspberry pies! they are a small computer similar to an arduino! they are so cool!
miguel is sad that he has to meet some new guys... but he said he would be ok! he gave us each a pair of socks. it was awesome!

i am excited for this ward! its guna be a blast! i am still in a biking area. but thats ok! i love biking!

Monday, February 27, 2017


this week has been off the wall!

so this week has been super fun! we spent a lot of time with our investigator Rick. he is a super awesome guy! i went over with Elder Law on Wednesday, and Rick connected with him very well. it was a cool experience to ​​​​​​​​get to know Rick better. than on Saturday there was a baptism and we asked Rick to come and give us a ride. well he showed up to give us a ride, but he had slept in and was in his PJs! so he gave us a ride to the baptism and was planning to wait in his car. we assured him that it would be ok for him to come in. so he came in and sat at the back with me. he loved it! during the service he began praying to God in gratitude. after he took us out to eat, and than back to his home to help him out with some stuff. we set up his internet, a royal pain! we had to call customer support after hours of banging our heads against the wall! that was finally set up. that we set up his smart TV. that was a lot easier. so finally at 4:45 he started taking us home, but than remembered something that he wanted to buy at the store for us! so he took us to Ross and bought a cushion for our bike! so we called dinner and asked if we could bring Rick. they graciously agreed and Rick came to dinner, than on the way home we got a call from the Sister missionaries, they needed a blessing. Sister Allred had some intense migraines. so Rick took us over to there apartment and we gave them a blessing. then he took us home after. we had spent from 9:30-9:00 with Rick. it was intense!
we also had a lesson with Anita this week. she told us that she feels that she is going to Hell. with the sharing of scriptures and bearing of testimony she has come to belive that she can make it to heaven! she is such fun to be around! we call her mamanita! she is so great!
we also had a lesson with miguel. we taught the Word of Wisdom. he commited to live it! after we got home he called and asked if we would come back. he just loves having us around a ton! so cool!
other than that we have just been doing a lot of finding!
love you all!

Monday, February 20, 2017


this was the most basic week of my life.

Monday: we had a beach party

Tuesday: no district meeting. we did squash for friends today and than helped out Pat in her front yard. We also saw Anita.

Wednesday: we had Zone conference. it was super cool our stake president spoke to us.]

thursday: we saw brother merchant. we saw lon. And we did a ton of service for Bishop too. 

Friday:  we had weekly planning today. and we saw Anita again. 

saturday: On exchange with elder Bradshaw. He ran into a cactus! IT WAS FUNNY! 

Sunday: no one came to church.

This week they called me fat! 

Monday, February 6, 2017


ok so this is the week that makes a year. this thursday will be exactly one year for me. that is crazy. this week has been awesome!
monday: just the normal stuff i promise!
Tuesday: we had district meeting. than after that i got super sick! we ended up being laid up for the rest of the day. i felt so bad!
Wednesday: we did squash for friends. than we did some service for a lady named Pat. she is super nice. we taught Miguel today and Anita. Anita is on fire! she is doing so well.
Thursday: we saw kieron today and passed him off to the YSA elders. we also went by to see Lon on our regular visit. and than we finished our night by seeing the Jasper family.
Friday: we weekly planned today. than we saw Brian, sister Calvin, Miguel, and Anita.
Saturday:  true day of service. at 10 we replaced Anita's Transimssion Speed Sensor. than at 1 we helped someone move in. than at 2:30 we helped the lacombs move furniture. in the evening we saw the rodriguez family. they fed us some super good mexican food. nothing like the stuff back at home. it is so fun being immersed in so many different cultures. i have learned how to be "proper" in so many fun ways! like using tortillas for utensils. its really fun. dont tell mom. all the hard work she has done to make me civilized is crashing down. when we woud go to a samoan house before in Barstow almost everything is finger food! and it is polite to eat until you can no longer eat. than eat a little more. if you do not they are offended and you are not a true friend.
sunday: Rick came to church! woohoo that was so cool!  than we studied and i took a quick nap. my usual all day headache was present due to fast sunday. this continued until 9:30 that night when i fell asleep.

Monday, January 9, 2017


so this week has been a crazy time!
Monday we did our normal sports. we played gator ball.
tuesday was district meeting. than we  helped rick clean out his backyard. iot is tottally filled with trash and we are helping him clean it out. than we had a super cool lesson with Charlie and Monique.
wednesday on exchange with elder Law. we did squash for friends than we did service for kathy. than we did some finding. we found 3 potentials and got a new investigator a killer day!
thursday we did some more service for Rick. his yard is looking pretty good now. just a little more to do.
friday weekly planning we met with Joseph and taught the restoration. he is super excited and wants to quite smoking.
saturday nothing to crazy happened.
sunday the real day of this week! so joseph came to church. he had received answers to prayers about everything we talked about at church. at the end of church he took out a pack of cigarettes broke them all in half and threw them away. he is so ready to quite smoking! he really wants us to help him out!
all in all a super cool week 

just so you know if you tried to send anything this week the mail was stoled from the mission office this week on Wednesday morning  they broke into the church building, broke into the bishops offices looking for money, and than stole the safe with all the
 pass ports in it. so any foreign missionaries are kinda messed up right now. they also took the huge mail pile. and a few packages.

i actually dont get to bad with being trunky. it being so easy now iwll probably amke it much harder close to the end. but i still have tons of time to work hard. i am loving this area, and loving the ward. 

1 squash is a no for profit farm that a man named jim runs. we do all the work that would normally need done at a farm. everywhwere from planting to maintenance. the farm is a little bigger than if you you went from the stream to highway 9 and from the hill to the swamp. its really all kinds of vegetables.
2 ummm, we area planning to visit all our investigators joseph, miguel, charlie and monique, john, anita, a few others. when it comes to picking a street sometimes we have a feeling of where to go. sometimes we just pick a street and go.

3 Gospel principles right now is mostly just us our ward mates our ward mission leader, sitser lacomb Recent convert and sister self a strong member there to support others. and anyone that we bring with us. :)