Serving in the Rancho Cucamonga, California Mission

Monday, May 30, 2016


this was a pretty good week, we spent 3 days walking around in 91* weather, i averaged 18,000 steps! i am now with Elder Cooke, he is from Kentucky. he has been out 10 months. we have a senior couple in the area, they are the Bardsleys, and they are from Montana. they actually do the same things we do as missionaries. so they go out and teach people all the time! as missionarys we are as much focused on reactivation as on finding new investigators, the reason for this is that when we find inactive members, they almost ALWAYS lead to an investigator. this week i gave a talk in church, the only crazy thing is that this was my first week in the area so i did not know the people at ALL! that was really crazy. i talked on missionary work and especially on how by doing service we are setting an example and people begin to notice that we area different and want to know why we are different! I am now in Barstow, one of the most ghetto areas in the mission! so far it has been a blast and i am loving it! this is the area that all the gang members move to when it gets to HOT in LA. the upside of the area is that people have nothing to do, so it is easy to get lessons and to find people at home. the downside is that often after a few lessons they will just disappear... all in all it is a pretty good area for me! 

love you all tons!
Elder Dickson

Monday, May 23, 2016

Isaac's new district


this week was really cool! allen has not smoked in 10 days! candice prayed for the first time out loud! and... i got transferred! im living in Barstow now! more to come next week i have only been here 3 hours! love you all! almost forgot i once again battled the beast this weekend! we didnt win but we got WAY closer!
much love
Elder DIckson

Monday, May 2, 2016


so this week was crazy! lets start at the beginning 
Monday: for once we where not rushed, in fact we where bored! everything was just done early i guess! also i caught a turtle!
Tuesday: nada day! nothing happened at all! pretty sure we knocked every door in Ontario.
wednesday: on exchange( a 24 hour trade of companions) with elder nelson, we taught a super powerful lesson with one of their investigators. she committed to come to church! and then at dinner i was asked if i was related to Craig Dickson, i was like i duno. and so we had dinner than after dinner he brings out a stick bug and puts it on my arm! that feels weird, they walk with little claws by digging them into surfaces! kinda tickles. then after dinner he brings out this yearbook, and i kid you not this man looked just like me!( i included a picture) his name is Howard Craig Dickson! and he is like 60 now!
Thursday: another SLOW day!
Friday: yet another SLOW day!
Saturday: got the chance to fix a less active members car today! we had joel (our investigator) come over and help us bleed her brakes for her!
Sunday: this is when things get crazy! so first we have an investigator Allen he has been investigating the church for 3 years, but has not been able to kick his smoking habit, we had a really spiritual lesson with him, and then asked "allen will you stop smoking?" and he said "this weekend" so exited for him! fasting and prayer really does work! then later that evening we had a lesson with Emily(the lady we accidentally stalked!) and sister Swart, (our ward mission leaders wife) made a really good friend for Emily and as we taught her about the plan of salvation, she loved it and cant wait to hear more! and just to put cream on top of the cake, we finally got a good picture of the snapping turtle that lives in our pond!
this week was so hot and cold! its hard to have a really full day and then a day of just nothing! 
quote for the week: "Dont find fault, Find remedy"