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Thursday, February 18, 2016

One week at the MTC, 2/18/16

Here is Isaac's email after one week in the MTC.  I checked with him and he said he's just kidding about not wanting me to make a blog.  He will leave the MTC on Monday the 22nd.

so i have heard that my mother against my better wishes has chosen to make a blog about my mission! 

this was the first week of the mtc. a few things to start stuff off. the food is pretty good except for the fact there is MILK in EVERYTHING! constant upset stomach! i have been told that i am too loud for people, too loud for people to study:/ i have been called as a zone leader! that means i am in charge of around 24 missionaries (too lazy to count). as of week one i have taught 5 investigators, learned more than i could ever hope to remember or understand. i have some awesome sisters in my district ( aka girl missionaries) this is our classroom! i have been here for a total of 9 days now and i feel like i maybe have been here 9 hours.

being here at the mtc is a lot like being told that i can fly, and then immediately being thrown out of an airplane. the one perk is i get to watch my companion screaming just as loud as me! 

a few fun things new things about me! i now run at least 1 mile a day (ive never been a runner), the food here has me so confused... they do tacos with scones!!!! i am so confused about that... i have about 20 minutes of time to breathe a day, and during that i get the pleasure of doing my personal studies! one of the sisters in my district said "you can breathe when you are dead" hahahaha that one went straight into my notebook. here at the mtc i am in my suit 24/7, and i have managed not to spill anything yet!!!

basically i have too much to say and too little words.


Elder Dickson

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