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Thursday, February 18, 2016

1st letter from the MTC 2/11/16

Isaac entered the MTC on a Wednesday and his "P Day" (preparation day - used for things like laundry, shopping and letter writing) happened to fall on Thursday.  P Day is the one day of the week when Isaac has time to email us.  Here is his email after one day in the MTC.


i love you 

i am doing well in the mtc. my companion is elder mann! awesome name, he is one heck of a man. tell everyone i love them. thank you for the letter. i was just called as zone leader! i am starting that calling on Sunday!!! everything here is really exiting. i am learning more than i ever knew before.

 i left behind a water bottle, and would appreciate a care package. you can just send it to my mtc address i am mailbox 93. let everyone know i love them. tell EVERYONE i will be emailing on next Thursday. i finally stopped crying when i got through security. Let Isaac know i love him, if you catch wind of rem give him a hug. let everyone know that it is totally legal to send letters on any day i will try to respond on Thursday to who i can. 

There is soooooooooooooooooooooooo much snow here. Miriam, and William would love it!  i will begin sending photos when i am again happy with my hair but until then ima pull a Jacob and hide from ya'll. 

my companion and i get along greatly, we have so much in common. tell Miriam she better build a dang cool airplane by the time i get home. flying in the airplane was a blast.

hugs and kisses from your boy at the MTC.

Elder dickson

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