Serving in the Rancho Cucamonga, California Mission

Monday, June 20, 2016


so this week was one of those weeks that feel like we got nothing done! but we never stopped moving! 
looking back on this week we got a LOT done though! we got another baptism for july 2nd, and we taught 14 lessons this week! not only that but we had to travel for 45 minutes to go to a 4 hour conference so we could travel back! that was a day where we did not get very much done! by the time we were all done we had no time for anything more! but we just kept pushing this week! and we got done as much as we could. we have an extreme weather warning for this week! but we are still guna go out and about! exited for what this week holds!
love you all! 
Elder Dickson

Monday, June 13, 2016


me and my last companion always used to joke when we would go out of the apartmant by saying BAPTIZE! and it is a little bit of a joke because this is not a very high baptizing mission like africa is. but the lord has poured out his blessings in the last few months! i have had the oppurtunity to baptize 2 different individules in the last 4 months, those are very high numbers! i am so gratefull for the oppurtunity to be a missionary serving in the Rancho Cucomonga Mission! I love you all TONS!
Elder Dickson

Monday, June 6, 2016


hey mom,
i love you tons! this week has been really crazy, we started the week by visiting the veterans home for an FHE! that was really cool to be able to meet so many people that have been through so much! then the next day was Elder Cookes BDAY so we went out to Chinese for lunch! that was really good. than the next day Ariana one of our investigators asked me to baptize her! that was CRAZY! then this wee3kend my BDAY happened! i got!!!!!!! no insurance for my BDAY, guess i cant do anything to stupid now...
well i love you all tons!
Elder Dickson