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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Going to the Temple- 1/26/16

On January 26, 2016, Isaac went to the Seattle Temple in preparation to going on his mission.    Going to the temple for the first time is a big step in our faith.  It shows you are willing to make promises with Heavenly Father about how you will conduct yourself and treat other people for the remainder of your life.  Departing missionaries go to the temple before reporting to their missions.

Since it was Isaac's first time going, he had to be there quite early in order to receive instruction.   When you go the first time, you have someone go with your as your escort to help you find your way around.  Isaac asked his dad to be his escort.  Dode and Isaac made a day of it, stopping to pick up the new suits he'll be taking on his mission and going out to lunch before arriving at the temple.

The temple session (2:00 pm on a weekday afternoon) was quite small, with only two people going through for the first time.   In the evenings or on the weekends there could be 30-40 people going through for their first time.  We are so pleased with Isaac and the choice he's made to give up two years of his life to teach other people about Jesus Christ.

After the temple, we fought our way home through traffic to enjoy a late dinner with Anastaya that I'd prepared the day before.   You see, that day also just happened to be Anastaya's 18th birthday and yes, Isaac heard all about his stealing her day.  I can relate to her "pain" since my brother, born 2 days shy of my birthday, pretty much stole my birthday that year.

Isaac's support team

Isaac with his grandparents, Lynn and Sharon Dickson
Isaac is their 4th grandchild to serve a mission.
Lynn and Sharon served a mission to Nauvoo, Illinois a few years ago.

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