Serving in the Rancho Cucamonga, California Mission

Friday, March 11, 2016

Peppers, Tongans, and the homeless.

Isaac's breakfast
Isaac's pet palm tree

Street view in front of Isaac's apartment building
"it is a really big place!"

this week was eventful
thus i will name this weeks email
Peppers, Tongans, and the homeless.
we started this week just like any other week. we started the day with our studies, then as we began to go out to talk to people NOBODY wanted to talk to us! then we got a break, there where a couple of 20 year old guys outside of a house picking  peppers! we where so exited to have someone who wanted to talk to us! so we started talking, about 30 seconds later i was offered a pepper... naturally i accepted, this was tiniest narliest pepper i had ever seen! being the smart young man i am i just threw the whole thing in my mouth and popped it! i started crying like a baby, my nose started running, and i started thinking about eating the grass... grass has water right? not only that but then they wanted to talk for like 10 minutes, THE LONGEST 10 MINUTES EVER! i was going through heat syndromes for the rest of the day! i had the AWESOME opportunity to attend a tongan baptism! i understood like 3 words it was awesome! those guys can SING oh my goodness it is crazy. it is a crazy experience to feel the spirit while you can understand nothing of what is being said! then last night while on the way home from a lesson a homeless guy started talking to us, so i was like ok cool i can talk to you for a while. little did i know this would culminate in a HUG, that was the biggest strongest hug that ever happened to me! you can blame my companion for that one!
i am having a blast out here! and i am exited to serve in a tongan ward sometime!

Here's some of the question and answer session we had:

What library are you at?
none of the above we found some computers at the apartment complex!

What do you do for lunch?  How often do the members feed you?
we get fed nearly every night.  we usually back at the apartment for lunch. i cook so much out here i love it!  i am cooking everything from scratch! so much fun
but i would appreciate a cook book if you can find a good one

Did you get your packages?
yes i did thank you!
did you ever find my sweatshirt?
I'm actually cold here now that i have climatized!

Has anyone been mean to you?  We watched an LDS movie last night, one mans treasure, and in it, someone threw a slushy out the car window on the elders, I realized something like that could happen to you.

i have ppl yell at me everyday! but that is alright.  i know that i am doing a good job when there is adversity! ppl are mean all day that is just a fact of life

Have you done any service?
i went and did service at a food bank last wed. actually!

What's the farthest you've ridden your bike in a day?
i rode 20 miles hills, it's very flat here
we also have a car though for when we have CRAZY days!

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