Serving in the Rancho Cucamonga, California Mission

Friday, March 18, 2016

3rd week of March email

so this week has been crazy, first my comp. was sick then i was sick, and then i got sick again! i spent two days holding down NO food at all! that was horrible! sleep, tract, sleep, teach a lesson, sleep, throwup, throwup, throwup, sleep, tract. the real missionarys just keep spreading the germs with the word! i actually threw up every meal 100% for like 2 days it was horrible!  we did get to meet a new investigator recently. He is Armenian! so he immediately invited us in and tried repeatedly to make us food(we had just been fed!) so he invited us back for dinner! we ate Armenian food and talked a lot about just everything and then shared a gospel message! it was pretty fun and a huge change of pace for us. overall it has been a LONG week.

Questions to ask a missionary:
how are your member lessons going?
what can we do to help?
will you teach us the first vision?
when can we have you back?
these things will boost a missionarys moral! and allow them to practice their teaching
just treat them like you would treat me at the dinner table. to often it feels like we are on display at the dinner table, but if you treat them like family they will be right at home

Questions not to ask a missionary:
how long have you been out?
what is your favorite food?
what do you not like?
how is your family at home?

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