Serving in the Rancho Cucamonga, California Mission

Monday, March 28, 2016

Last week of March

This weekend was wonderful! we had our first baptism in the area in 2 years! it was so cool! she even got confirmed on Easter Sunday! other than that it felt pretty short since my last P-Day was Thursday! a few crazy things for the coming week! me and my companion are doing 3 exchanges back to back! i wont see my comp for 48 hours! that is insane! but we gotta do what we gotta do! love you all, hope everything is going well back at the farm.

Isaac in his "cas" (casual) clothes 

Isaac visited the Redlands Temple last week.

Also this week i went to by far the coolest Easter party on the planet! it was a mix of Armenian, and Bolivians! their kids had a band and they are actually really good! they are called daydream time machine! they are really good for a garage band! these guys are my buds! we walked into the backyard and they stopped at the end of a song and through the mike announced "Look our boys came!" everyone was so confused! but it was pretty awesome!

we where walking along and this garage had this band playing in it! we where like wow they are actually pretty good! so we went and knocked on the door... a man answered and invited us into his house, he fed us talked to us told us about himself and then asked if we had anything we would like to share? boy did we have something to share with him! he has cancer and has a 5 year expectancy, we shared the Plan of Salvation with him, it hit home for him! he invited us back and now we have had 2 dinners with him and 2 lessons. it is worth saying that that was the most extraordinary finding situation of a mission, it is never that simple or easy!
elder Dickson
Some of my questions he answered:

What time is church?
church starts at 9
but we are at the church at 7 for ward council

Did you get the card Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Lynn sent you?
i did! i don't know what to do with $50 at McDonalds
but i did the math i could get 200 chicken nuggets!
tell gma i love her and she is amazing!

What was your Easter dinner like?
we ate at a Samoan feast and then we ate at an Bolivian feast

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