Serving in the Rancho Cucamonga, California Mission

Monday, March 13, 2017


uh. im not sure what you want to hear... but here goes.
sister lacomb got the ring out from around the neck in my white shirts! 
we had a member of the ward give us like 3 pies.
i might of stained my favorite pants... not sure yet though! 
i got like 5 pairs of new socks.
fixed my bike. 
ate some spetzel. 
my life is not that interesting... sorry i dont have anything for you. i love you mom!

so... a lot has happened this week!
1 this monday our cameras got stolen... so no pictures! some guy broke into the church building that we play sports at. he stole both our cameras... that was really irritating! 
2 He also stole our phone... so we had to get a new phone from the mission office! and get all our contacts from the sister missionaries in the ward! than we had to get all of the other numbers we had lost from different people! it was terrible! and turns out before we could cancel the phone he started calling people and texting people profanity! it was super crazy!
3 i was doing a bunny hop in the middle of the road over a chunk of asphalt and when i landed, my rear derailer  got stuck in my spokes and twisted itself all the way around the tire! this caused the bike to come to a skidding stop! i pulled the derailer out of the spokes and gingerly road home. i was luckily able to fix the bike derailer almost totally, it only skips 1 gear now. and only occasionally.
4 a bird pooped on me sunday...gross!
5 friday packing calls came out. i am now down in Rancho cucomanga in the Terra vista ward. i am serving with elder Welch. he is from Farr West UT. 

Rick was pretty bumped that we where leaving! but he is super awesome, we are going to be staying in contact.
Tiffany was really sad! she gave me a beanie animal. his name is Boo! that was super nice of her :)
Lon was pretty bumbed too! he gave us each Raspberry pies! they are a small computer similar to an arduino! they are so cool!
miguel is sad that he has to meet some new guys... but he said he would be ok! he gave us each a pair of socks. it was awesome!

i am excited for this ward! its guna be a blast! i am still in a biking area. but thats ok! i love biking!

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