Serving in the Rancho Cucamonga, California Mission

Monday, February 6, 2017


ok so this is the week that makes a year. this thursday will be exactly one year for me. that is crazy. this week has been awesome!
monday: just the normal stuff i promise!
Tuesday: we had district meeting. than after that i got super sick! we ended up being laid up for the rest of the day. i felt so bad!
Wednesday: we did squash for friends. than we did some service for a lady named Pat. she is super nice. we taught Miguel today and Anita. Anita is on fire! she is doing so well.
Thursday: we saw kieron today and passed him off to the YSA elders. we also went by to see Lon on our regular visit. and than we finished our night by seeing the Jasper family.
Friday: we weekly planned today. than we saw Brian, sister Calvin, Miguel, and Anita.
Saturday:  true day of service. at 10 we replaced Anita's Transimssion Speed Sensor. than at 1 we helped someone move in. than at 2:30 we helped the lacombs move furniture. in the evening we saw the rodriguez family. they fed us some super good mexican food. nothing like the stuff back at home. it is so fun being immersed in so many different cultures. i have learned how to be "proper" in so many fun ways! like using tortillas for utensils. its really fun. dont tell mom. all the hard work she has done to make me civilized is crashing down. when we woud go to a samoan house before in Barstow almost everything is finger food! and it is polite to eat until you can no longer eat. than eat a little more. if you do not they are offended and you are not a true friend.
sunday: Rick came to church! woohoo that was so cool!  than we studied and i took a quick nap. my usual all day headache was present due to fast sunday. this continued until 9:30 that night when i fell asleep.

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