Serving in the Rancho Cucamonga, California Mission

Monday, March 13, 2017


hey! so this week has been kinda... strange. this week makes 1 year. every single day from this point on will only be experienced the one time on the mission! no repeats! to crazy!
Monday: so we played broom hockey. it was super fun until all our $ store brooms broke! than it wasn't so fun. but it turned out to be ok.
Tuesday: we had district meeting as usual. it went really well. those that participated prepared really well and i was really happy with it. we also saw Anita. she is on fire! it is so much fun working with her.
Wednesday: we saw miguel, he has commited to a baptismal date on march 11th we are super excited for him. we did Squash for friends. just dug holes for like 2.5 hours... we also saw the Jasper family.
Thursday: on exchange with Elder Nielson. we had a super fun day. it was nostalgic in a strange way. this day marked 1 year for me! so we got sushi. WOHHOO!!
Friday: weekly planning day. we ended up at a lesson in the morning and saved our planning till later. we went to Anita in the evening. after we left it was lightly sprinkling so we biked home super fast. than Anita called us and asked for some more help with her TV. she was freaking out about it! so we biked back in what was now steady rain and fixed her TV than we biked home again to plan. totally soaked!
Saturday: we visited Miguel, markisha and lakisha, Rick, the rodriguez family, and we went to the ward party. it was crazy. it was a pinewood derby and we were the judges! Rick came to the Party too.
Sunday: rick came to church. than we saw some of our people for the rest of the day. we ended the say with our studies that got pumped due to church.
all in all it has been a fun week. kinda strange but fun at the same time!

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