Serving in the Rancho Cucamonga, California Mission

Saturday, March 18, 2017


so this transfer is when i hit my year mark! so crazy.
so on Monday we went out mudding on a trike. guess i really haven’t changed much. we pulled this HUGE trike through the mud and i rode on the trike. it was awesome! than we picked up packages from elder and sister Delatore. than we saw the rodriguez family to finish out our night.
than on tuesday we had District Meeting as usual. than we spent the day finding more or less.
wednesday we did not have squash. instead we went to the worldwide missionary broadcast. 2 big things that happened. our missionary schedule in the morning and evening have been changed. we now plan in the morning, and do 60 minutes of personal study. than during the day we do our companionship study at any time. our lunch has also been shortened to 30 minutes. so no longer is there time for the lunch nap... sad. our key indicators have also been changed. we used to report Baptized, Confirmed, Sacrament meeting attendance of investigators, Investigators with a baptismal date, progressing investigators, lessons taught with a member present, all other lessons taught to investigators, less active members taught, and new investigators. but now we only report. baptized confirmed, investigators with a baptismal date, investigators at sacrament meeting, and new investigators. we saw Anita as well
thursday i was on exchange with Elder McLaws. we had a good day. in the morning we visited some inactive members of the church. than we did a lot of finding. we talked to a really nice guy named lee ray. he said that he is interested in coming to church. so that was really cool. it was fun to be with a past companion on exchange.
Friday we had our weekly planning day we went to Debbies baptism. it was cool. she played the piano at her own baptism. so that was crazy. than we had dinner with Rick he is a nonmember that we have built a healthy relationship with. he fed us spaghetti and told us that he wants to look into joining the church! we are so excited for him. he is best friends with a bishop down in Glendora, he is going to ask him some questions. than we had a coordination meeting with our zone leaders. we also saw anita today
saturday i was on exchange with Elder Nielson. in the morning we visited Miguel. we read the scriptures and he commited to come to church. we did a lot of service for the Lacomb family. we helped them move a lot of furniture around in the home. than we had dinner. after that we exchanged back. we also saw Ralph and Tiffany.
sunday we had church. our investigator anita brought her 3 grand daughters. and Ralph and Tiffany came as well (a part member family) so that was really cool!
monday we went hiking this morning! we started at 7:30 and finished at 1:45. we hiked up the side of a mountain until we got to the snow. and than we decided to keep hiking to the highest peak we could see. to get there we had to cross a river, rock climb for a bit. and make our own trails! the only real sketchy part was on the way down. the snow was frozen and so was the ground. so there was no way to have traction. so we started sliding from bush to bush,  grabbing tree branches as we went. it got sketchy when we ran out of branches all of a sudden and only found loose rocks! but we made it down safe. ;) i seriously doubt a mountain goat could of made it up the way we went down.

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