Serving in the Rancho Cucamonga, California Mission

Monday, August 1, 2016

8/1 email

we taught a good amount of lessons this week, we didn't reach our goals... but we did exceed a indicator we never thought we would. this saturday (2 days ago) we where on our way to a lesson and the Elders Quorum president got there first. he texted us to let us know he was there. than about 3 minutes later he texted and said "he is dead. just talked to his neighbor, he drowned in his pool yesterday." so we drove to his house and talked to everyone. they confirmed what we had been told. on Friday our investigator (and one that wanted to be baptized at that) drowned in his pool, in barstow. the driest place in california... there is a river here, but it is 20' below the surface. and he drowned. that is one thing that i never expected to have happen on a mission... but there is a first for everything... 

the weather has been an average of 112 this week. our thermometer even said 121 at one point! i know i am really broken when i am feeling a cold breeze and it is 100... but i guess that is a blessing that maybe i haven't realized yet...

i love you so much!

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