Serving in the Rancho Cucamonga, California Mission

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

7/25 email

President Taylor has made it very clear to us that he no longer wants us to tract (knock on doors) and wants us to find through other methods. its kind of crazy that we are changing the way that missionary work is happening! the funny thing is that i have found that the only way to find now is through missionary minded members. we really have to really on them BIG TIME now! Its amazing because those that members find that are interested in the gospel, are like 90% more likely to get baptized!

Here in Barstow it has been really crazy lately! our ward mission leader (our life line) is never anywhere to be found! so we have been doing everything we can but we feel like we are never able to get help from the ward because we can never communicate what we need through the proper channels.. but its ok, we are still pushing on! the last few days there has been a crazy forest fire that totally covers everything in smoke! that has been GREAT for my nose... other than that it is 107 in the shade, on a good day. saturday was 111 in the shade! i know i am broken because it hits 97 and i am wanting a sweater!

Pokemon Go has now become one of our favorite finding tools! EVERYONE is out and about after it starts to cool down in the evening! they are all ouyt catching Pokemon. so we go around and talk to people all the time about it. they are always happy to tell us about what they caught and the highest combat level Pokemon they have. so funny that we are able to use our love of Pokemon to introduce the Gospel to other people!

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