Serving in the Rancho Cucamonga, California Mission

Monday, August 22, 2016

8/22 email

hey mom, i love you! :)
btw i did not die in the fire.

this week was CRAZY! on Monday the other missionaries in our ward went down the hill to rancho, then a fire started and the pass through the mountains was closed! there where intense forest fires on three sides. we where the only missionaries in Barstow for 5 days! we now have elder Brough in barstow with us. he is elder Daltons new companion. other than that on sunday i had a splitting headache, when we got home form church i took 2 ib profen and conked out. after waking up we rushed to dinner where i asked for 2 more. after that i finally was able to think clearly again. 

this week has been good, we have done lots of work for the ward and done lots of service this week.

i love you all,
Please stay safe
with love
Elder Dickson

Elder Brandon Cooke-
Hello everyone everything going great out here in Barstow. Nobody worry the fire is no where close to us and there is too much desert and too little vegetation for it to spread to Barstow. Elder Dickson and I are still living it up in Barstow doing a lot of missionary work and teaching a lot of people. Elder Dalton and Elder Brough are our ward mates and they are super cool. I will need to send a picture of all of us together soon. Anyways have a wonderful week everyone.

I was emailed this photo of some art Isaac made while doing service at the art program for homeless people he helps out at each week.

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