Serving in the Rancho Cucamonga, California Mission

Monday, July 4, 2016

7/4 email

this week was just to much!
on Tuesday we got a flat tire and spent about 2 hours waiting for it to get fixed at Firestone.
then on Wednesday we went to a service project and painted for 2 hours! i painted Joseph smiths first vision! it was pretty legit, worth saying i drew it in chalk
on Thursday we where meeting our new mission president (president Taylor) and on the way down we popped another tire! so we had to pull over and change it to the spare, than the spare was flat too! so we had to fill it at a gas station. we where 30 minutes late!
than on Friday we had a HUGE hail storm! there where hail chunks the size of the big marbles! that went on for about 15 minutes!
than on Sunday we locked our keys in the car! and had to get a ride home from the family we where visiting!
and than this morning someone came by and opened it with the tool so that we could come and email here right now! all in all a crazy week in the dessert!
all in all it has been a crazy week!
love you all TONS!
Elder Dickson 

Elder Brandon Cooke
Hello everyone, been an interesting week this week. The lady I talked about last week did not end up getting baptized. Everything else has been pretty un-interesting. Got some MRE's from a move, had some fun at supper with those. Also had a freak hail storm that came through and a flash flood as well. 

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