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Monday, December 26, 2016


the last time we laughed  was this morning when I found in abraham where it talks about how a lady found egypt and it was buried in water, than she raised her kids there. MERMAIDS CONFIRMED!!! it was funny. in my area i mostly laugh about the random things people say. heard a voicemail the other day "sorry i didnt get ahold of you guys, i just wanted to let you know that i am not interested in learning about your church. you guys are great and i love mormons, but i cant get over the fact that you guys are a cult. anyways i had a good mormon teacher once, he taught me a lot. but the rest where all turkeys, bible bible, gobble gobble. anyways even though you guys are a cult , and therefore going to hell. hegh hegh. merry christmas. by." we are still laughing at that one! well the way i stay light hearted is by enjoying the little things. and not letting the bad things get  to me. i am thoroughly determined that there is more happiness in this world than sorrow. so that is what i focus on.
the last miracle i witnessed was super cool! so i am not the best a memorization. but while on an exchange i was asked by the elder about personal revelation. i had scripture references come to mind and was able to help him out. that was super cool to be able to do. the last big time i had an answer to a prayer was 2 weeks ago. (not necessarily  the last time) i was praying really hard for a new companion, one that i would be able to get along with. and it was answered! i got elder petrie! woohoo!
i honeslty dont have very many scary stories. the scariest is probably walking around in barstow after dark. its SUPER sketchy, like people die walking those streets. but no one ever bothered us, and we even got a new investigator from it. don’t tell mom. she would kill me.
so yesterday after we skyped i cried. i allowed my self to cry for one minute than i pulled myself together and we went to dinner. after that we went caroling as a zone for and hour( i wanted to do it so we organized it) than went to bed.
bagpipes at the airport would be sweet!
i love you so much!
big things this week:
kieron is quiting smoking this tuesday
skyped home
had sushi!

elder dickson

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