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Saturday, November 12, 2016

10/31 email

this week
Tuesday: we had district meeting, i gave a training on extending commitments and promising blessings. but i forgot to wear my suit coat, and i didnt shave! so i was a real mess. than we went of to pep boys to get a low tire fixed. we spent 3 hours wandering around goodwill across the street. and that ended up being most of our day. we went to dinner visited a couple of members and than went home
Wednesday: so we went back to pep boys, another flat tire... we spent 4 hours this time... that was rough. after that we went and had dinner and did the same as the night before.
Thursday: we where on exchange, so i was with elder petrie. we did a lot of biking this day. got fed lunch, and then dinner as well. we drove out to the granite hills ward, and than i got elder mclaws back. and that was our night.
Friday: weekly planning today, and than we got back on the bikes. a member saw us biking around after dark and was horrified. so they sternly told us to meet them at there house. we met them there and they proceeded to take us back to our apartment! so after that we walked to walmart and bought some wheel brights they are super useful at night, we look like tron bikes now. i got green and elder mclaws got blue.

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Saturday: we biked all day, that evening we went to see sister giron, and than her next door neighbor tried to bible bash with us for 1.5 hours! i was finally so fed up with how ridiculous this was getting that i just said "by jeff" and left. that finished our night out.
Sunday: we went to church. and than afterwards we biked down to the Johnsons for dinner. they where awesome! they fed us biscuits and gravy. anfterwards we where all so stuffed that we went into the living room and watched a church movie/napped. so that was a lot of fun. afterwards brother johnson gave us a ride back up to our apartmant.

hope this is enough details.
i love you mom

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