Serving in the Rancho Cucamonga, California Mission

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

4/11 email

had an interesting week! started just like any other week. we visited all our normal people,did all the normal things, felt pretty normal. then it happened! we are walking along Sunday night about 8:45 trying to contact some people before we went home, we are walking along a darker street when we saw someone getting some bags out of the back of his car. so we decide to talk to him... we begin talking to him and the conversation turns into a bash! so we direct the conversation away from the bash. we start asking him about himself, we find out he is a minister of a church of 5 million! as we continue talking we find out all the bags that he has in his car is because he just got back from Africa! so we start asking him about that, turns out he is the king of a small nation in Africa! he has a crown with 12 elephants on it and totally covered in fur! as we keep talking we asked his name... it was King/Bishop/Commodore/Doctor Scales. he also is a doctor of psychological science. he told us he was actually just getting back from his kingdom in Africa, so he could fix up his sons home here in Ontario! this mans story was too crazy to be made up! wish we had gotten a picture with him. he was totally decked out in gold too! like on his arms and neck and fingers gold everywhere, and he was driving a Mercedes Benz. his story was just too crazy and complicated to be a lie. the best part about this contact was that as we were leaving we jokingly said "bye king scales" and he puts his hands up like a bear and goes "BRAGH" not sure what it meant but it sure was exiting!
that is the only excitement we had this week! turns out the night before my companion had been praying for something crazy to happen so that he could write to his brother this week about it...
that's what companions are for i guess! this week marks the end of my first transfer and my 2 month mark! i also made a new scripture case for my scriptures, all i had at the time was a Little Caesars pizza box! so that is what i used. guess all my handyman training is paying off. this week should be pretty good we are moving into a new apartment so that is pretty exiting! i swear you guys must think my companion is so somber he never smiles when we are driving so all our pictures look funny with me smiling and him doing nothing!

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